Lüderitz Activities

Kayak Tours

Weather permitting, we offer two captivating options for your exploration. The first takes you to Halifax Island, where you can observe the African Jack-ass Penguin from the water’s edge. This island is believed to be the northernmost breeding point for these penguins along the African coast. Along the way, you may also spot African Oystercatchers and Heaviside’s Dolphins.

Alternatively, you can paddle through the 1st and 2nd Lagoon, providing an up-close view of the Luderitz Oyster industry and a chance to encounter beautiful birds like Flamingos and African Oystercatchers.

N$350.00 per person, including one drink. The trip lasts approximately 3 hours.

For Bookings Please contact Danielle Snyman +264 81 233 8306 or Michael Goldmann +264 129 5259

Bogenfels & Diamonds Tours

Immerse yourself in the fascinating legacy of century-old diamond history, where ghost towns, abandoned mining equipment, and tales of hidden treasures beckon curious adventurers. As the exclusive tourism concession holder to the Sperrgebiet area south of Lüderitz, Bogenfels & Diamonds Tours invites you to embark on extraordinary excursions and experiences in this historically significant region within the Tsau //Kaeb National Park. Discover the secrets of the past and unravel the captivating stories that lie within this treasure trove of history.

Catamaran Tours

Embark on a captivating catamaran tour around Diaz Point, en route to Halifax Island. Prepare for a remarkable journey where you’ll encounter a diverse array of marine wildlife, including playful Heaviside’s Dolphins, a variety of majestic birds, charming seals, and the occasional sighting of magnificent whales. The luxury catamaran provides a comfortable shelter from the wind, ensuring a delightful experience for the whole family. Set sail and create cherished memories amidst the splendors of the sea.


Kolmanskop Tour

Once a thriving hub of bustling activity and opulence, Kolmanskop stands as a captivating relic of a former German colonial town. Today, this deserted gem has transformed into a renowned tourist attraction, offering a unique glimpse into its bygone glory. Explore the remnants of this ghostly town, where sand-covered streets and dilapidated buildings evoke a sense of mystery and nostalgia. Step back in time and immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of Kolmanskop’s faded grandeur.

Monday to Saturday: 09:30 & 11:00. Sunday & Public Holiday: 10:00 (only one tour) Ghost Town Tours are in German and English and last between 45 – 60 minutes.


Lüderitz boasts an abundance of wind throughout the year, creating ideal conditions for exhilarating kitesurfing sessions. Discover unique locations that are tailor-made for the perfect ride. As a testament to its exceptional wind conditions, Luderitz Speed Challenge attracts some of the world’s fastest kitesurfers who gather here to compete in thrilling races. Prepare to harness the power of the wind and embark on an unforgettable kitesurfing adventure in Lüderitz.